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What did I learn from here?

I have to say I am really enjoy learning in this module. The most impressed thing is that we can find topics and discuss it with other. In fact, active learning is one of the most efficient learning method. It is not just motivating us to study harder, but by observing others presentation, we can acquire the learning strategies from others (Ten Benefits of Active Learning Drawn from Theory, no date). In this module, I have been talked about the topic about chunking, group studying, outdoor learning, and eventually small class learning.


Firstly, chunking is one of the method to assist memory in learning. The reason for me to chose this topic is because I am really impressed by the area of memory when I was studying psychology in undergraduate degree. Moreover, I commonly use this way for memorizing in order to gain a greater academic result. Therefore, I really want to know the effectiveness of chunking. As a result, the information I found indicated that it is useful for students to improve their reading skills. In addition, one finding also displayed that chunking is handy when we are acquiring new languages.


Then, the topic that I have been covered is group studying. In terms of my views, however, group studying is not that effective by comparing with individual studying. Because I prefer to work alone rather than in a group. Thus, the rationale for me to chose this topic is because I am curious what are the advantages and disadvantages of group studying. Consequently, the evidences that I have found showed that group studying possess more advantages than drawbacks and it is generally recognized by most of the students and teachers. On one hand, students would be more motivated in learning. Moreover, they can develop responsibility attitude in cooperation. On the other hand, teachers also thought that group studying is beneficial. Accordingly, they recognized that students can cultivate friendship and communication skills and thus students can study in a more enjoyable way. Still, some limitations are also stated. A study showed that some students complained that the responsibility of task work is not evenly distributed in a group. Furthermore, some teachers also thought that it takes a lot of time to allocate students to a different group.


Thirdly, it is about the outdoor learning. Mostly, Hong Kong educational system is arranged indoor learning rather than outdoor learning in school. Based on my opinion, it is boring to learn in a classroom. It will be more interesting to learn outside as students and teachers would have more interaction. From my blog of outdoor learning, the majority of the information that I have found showed that outdoor learning is beneficial. It is not only can develop student’s passionate in learning, but it can also cultivate students to become the real-world problem solver. Finally, however, I still found one study which exhibited that outdoor learning is not benefit to all of the students. It showed that the effectiveness of outdoor studying is depends on student’s temperament. From the study, it displayed that withdraw temperament is not suitable in outdoor learning.


Lastly, I have been talk about the class size matter in learning. Personally, I will absolutely agree with the implementation of small class learning (SCL). I have been studying in a large class before and I found that it is difficult for students to be concentrated. Therefore, the objective for me to choose this topic is to explore the effectiveness of SCL. Obviously, a lot of studies supported that SCL would enhance student’s academic performance. It is also generally recognized by both students and teachers. In terms of students, they feel that it is easier to pay attention to the class and they can be equally taught because teachers can spend more time on different students. In the light of teachers, they would feel more comfortable and enthusiastic in teaching students. Moreover, they would get to know more about different students and they can allocate time on different students. However, not all of the students thought SCL is the best educational system. Based on the findings, one student thought that class size is not as important as teacher’s teaching quality. They think that teaching plays a more important role in learning achievement. Therefore, SCL seems not benefit to all kind of students.


Although from this module we have learned a lot of information from different educational issues, it is apparent that educational system is not well-suited for everyone. In fact, we should try to be more critical in learning system in order to find a more beneficial learning ways to help students to improve their academic performance. However, it is not possible to fulfill every students needs, Therefore, I think students need to be independent and try to adapt to their own learning circumstance. Despite exploring drawbacks in a learning system is an effective way to improve learning outcome, it is not possible to improve all of the limitations. Therefore, students should find the ways to overcome the difficulties in their learning environment as well.


Finally, I hope all of you would enjoy my blogs in the pass few weeks.



Ten Benefits of Active Learning Drawn from Theory (no date). Retrieved 7 December 2013, from


One response to “What did I learn from here?

  1. xroupa

    Hello Elton, I enjoyed the way you presented your opinions and I agree that everyone has their personal preference in learning.Maybe if we had the option to choose from a variety of learning methods would suit every learner and everyone would be happy about the teaching delivery;)

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