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Which one do you want? Coke or Pepsi?


Most of us should enjoy having soft drink during meals.  Obviously, coke is one of the most prevalent beverage that we might choose. Now, imagine you are going to the supermarket or restaurant, which brand of coke that you will buy or order? Coca cola? Or Pepsi?  It seems usually people will choose Coca cola rather than Pepsi.  How was that?

Paracha, J. et al., (2012) carried out a study to investigate whether people will prefer coca cola or Pepsi.  As a result, among 400 participants, 259 of them possess a preference towards coca cola, whereas only 141 of them choose Pepsi. Beside showing  this difference, this study also displayed that most of the participants think taste is one of the important factor that make them choose their preference. Moreover, among both group of participants (Coca cola and Pepsi), most of them recognized price is also a vital reason for them to buy a drink. Beside taste and price, LyndseyEhgoetz (2013) also noticed that taste is not the only factor, but also way of marketing their brand. Accordingly, Coca-Cola has 75,149,476 followers on Facebook, while Pepsi just has 28,776,425. Social media is one of the most important way to establish the engagement with customers.  As Baer. J, (no date) highlighted, daily story feedback is one of the way that might lead you success in your business. He mentioned that “the more fans that click “like” and comment, the more likely your future updates are to be seen in their News Feed, dramatically increasing your actual Facebook audience” .  Lastly, advertisement is also important for leading a brand to success. Although both of them engaged in advertising in order to promote their own enterprise, Pepsi  made a serious mistake in their advertisement due to racism.


As a consumer, when we are considering whether we want to buy a drink, we will definitely take our own preference and its popularity into consideration. As we mentioned above, there is 75,149,476 followers on Facebook, which is much more than Pepsi. Therefore, people might prefer coca cola due to its reputation. However, it is important to note that even Coca cola has more followers, Tanner, K. (2013) noted that this may due to own perference. She mentioned that there is a study used blind people as participants to investigate whether Coca cola or Pepsi are better suited to people flavour. Although result indicated that there were more people prefer Pepsi, there are still a lot of people prefer Coca Cola nowadays. She used the term placebo effect to explain this phenomenon, where people might think they were drinking coca cola which make them recognize coke is better than Pepsi. Therefore, besides taste, price, ways of advertisement, and social media marketing, people own preference would still be a reason for them to choose coke rather than Pepsi.



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