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How do businessmen make use of the consumer needs?


       In order to attract consumers to buy the products, it is important to understand the needs of consumers. Accordingly, people needs can be divided into five categories, including physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization, and this is referred to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Consumer behaviour: a needs perspective, no date). This theory states that individuals have to satisfy each of the needs stage by stage, with physiological need is the lowest level and self-actualization is the highest level. Let’s have a look of the examples of advertisement that used the principle of this theory.

This is the advertisement which made use of the safety needs from the hierarchy:

Clothing can be referred to the belongingness needs:

       Is it true that people needs are directly proportional to the people consumption? Oleson, M. (2004) showed that there is an obvious relationship between money attitude and needs. According to this study, it is found that money attitudes were most related to safety and esteem needs and least related to physiological, love, and actualization needs. Moreover, it also indicated that there is a sex difference in this correlation. In terms of men, money attitude was most related to safety needs, while money attitude of women was most related to esteem needs. Thus, we can predict that men are more likely to spend money to buy safety-related products, whereas women are more likely to buy esteem-related items.



       Besides decorating different advertisements in terms of hierarchy needs, Nelson, J. (2011) also highlighted that businessmen would make advertisements in Facebook to promote their brand. As described above, belongingness is one of the needs that people trying to satisfied. Therefore, Facebook can provide a suitable platform for people to keep contact with friends, family, and mates and this can enhance the relationship between them (needs of belongingness). Thus, merchants make use of this thing and make advertisements in Facebook in order to gain more customers. 



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