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How does online shopping bring benefit to the firm?

Many people enjoy online shopping nowadays. This trend become prevalent might due to the consumer’s internal characters, such as egocentric and impatient (Online survey, 2012). Indeed, how do businessmen make use of online purchasing to gain benefit?



According to one website (Hubpages, 2011), it mentioned that a merchant might make use of a psychological phenomenon of social acceptance to purchase items through the internet. Social acceptance is a term which can be referred to a situation that peopleare acting and believing in accord with social pressure (Myers, D.G., no date).From this point of view, businessmen can gain benefit from a situation that using a website to show the items of what people like, such as Facebook or Twitter. Once people saw their friends are interested in a certain items, they will easily to pay attention to that product and might buy it eventually due to the pressure of social acceptance.



Moreover, it also displayed that some online purchasing companies, such as Ebay and Amazon, implemented the loyalty program, which is a program which provide incentive to customers who showed loyal buying behavior to a firm (Farfan, B., no date).  This kind of strategy utilizes the term of reciprocity from social psychology. This phenomenon can be referred to a situation in which others will do something for us because we did  favors to them (Cherry, K., no date). Therefore, in order to maintain consumer’s purchasing behavior, some firms implemented loyalty program to provide some incentives, such as discounts or coupons, to enhance selling rate.  


Surfing internet is very prevalent nowadays. Through the internet, people can acquire a lot of information, including different types of products. Thus, selling products through the internet can definitely draw customers attention on the items and enhance firm’s profiability.




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