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They do it, so I must do it too!!


Conformity can be referred to a situation in which people change their belief or judgment due to group pressure in order to become consistent with others (Crowell, E.L., no date). This phenomenon could also happen in a purchasing situation. Imagine, we may buy jacket of specific brand as our friends also wear that or when we are deciding whether we want to buy an item, we will seek the opinion from different people before we purchase it.


How is this occurrence happened? Moreover, what are the reasons for people to follow others? According to Lee, Y. J., & Park, J. (2008), they explained the conformity in buying behavior is due to the expertise of the others in group. In other words, people tend to believe the idea of others because they believe the understandings of others towards the products. In additional, Lee, M.W. (2007) also demonstrated that conforming buying is correlated to impulsive buying. She explained that although consumers were not intend to buy any items initially, they would conform to the social norms of consumption in order to gain social approval. It is important to note that conformity purchasing behavior is also varied with sex difference. Wu, W. C., & Huan, T. C. (2010) showed that females were more easily to change their ideas and follow others perception.


It is easy that we will follow others ideas. However, we might prevent conforming purchasing if we are not impulsive buyer. As mentioned above, people would affected by others easily if they didn’t plan to buy.

From the above,


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